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March 26, 2018

Valair Aviation joins Airtext dealer network

Airtext technology lets aircraft owners add reliable on-board text messaging for up to 16 passengers.

Oklahoma City, Okla. -  Valair Aviation, a full-service MRO and FBO facility located at Wiley Post Airport, has joined the Airtext dealer network that offers reliable on-board text messaging to and from anywhere in the world. At a fraction of the cost of traditional internet options, Airtext by SendSolutions keeps travelers connected electronically to business, friends, and family.

“Valair Aviation takes pride in providing aircraft owners with options that support their important connectivity needs at a reasonable price,” stated Mike Bowen, Senior Vice President of Ground Operations at Valair Aviation.  “With Airtext, Valair builds on its established suite of Avionics upgrades for our private, commercial and government customers operating turbine and mid-size corporate jets.”

Passengers access the network through a free Airtext app installed on a smartphone that connects to the internet via a small piece of hardware installed on the aircraft itself. The average cost per message is just five cents, allowing up to 16 passengers the ability to send and receive SMS messages anywhere, any time, without altitude restrictions.

“Airtext is a great value for aircraft owners,” stated David Gray, founder of Send Solutions.  “Not only do passengers get a vibrant system that allows messaging, but the pilots have several unique WX and operations features not previously available. Fleetlink and FBOlink are tools that allow efficient communications with a dispatch or an FBO from anywhere in the world at any altitude.  The D-ATIS feature was previously only available with higher cost avionics products.  We see Airtext as the baseline for continued airplane datalink capabilities,” Gray added.

Valair is an experienced dealer and service provider within many Avionics product networks including Garmin, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Avidyne, and Sandel, and has supplied customers with this these and many more products around the globe.

About Valair Aviation
Valair Aviation is a full-service MRO and FBO providing quality, efficiency, and added value support. With over 70 years of experience, Valair has delivered customized solutions to private, commercial and government customers operating turbine and mid-size corporate jets. Valair has earned a highly respected reputation for its innovative engineering and performance enhancement solutions. In addition to maintenance, repair and overhauls, Valair also specializes in performance and surveillance upgrades, complete interior refurbishing, floor plan modifications, and customized paint. Valair Aviation is a Meta Special Aerospace company.  Learn more at

About Send Solutions
Send Solutions aims to deliver new technology in innovative ways. From military to yachting, these new products will be quickly delivered with excellent results. Using proven start up methodologies and rapid prototyping, Send Solutions delivers accurate representations of customers’ ideas using modern electronics and technology by creating a final product that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

Send Solutions’ launch product, Airtext solves the problem of staying connected electronically to business, friends and family without the high cost of a traditional internet option. Airtext allows 16 passengers the ability to send and receive SMS messages anywhere in the world. Using the iridium satellite network, we have designed a product that allows connectivity through your cell phone while on the airplane.  Learn more at