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April 20, 2020

Meta Special Aerospace Selected as Prime In $6 Billion Dollar Multi-Award Contract

Oklahoma City, OK (April 15, 2020) – Commuter Air Technology, a Meta Special Aerospace (MSA) company, along with subsidiary companies Valair Aviation and Advanced Payloads & Deliverables, recently received notification that they were one of 42 selected companies in line to receive work from a $6 billion-dollar, multi-award contract, established by the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR).

This contract provides rapid, flexible, ready, deployable CONUS/OCONUS capabilities and solutions for manned and unmanned aviation systems to support NAVAIR, other US Government agencies, and FMS customers.  

The services and support could include builds and installations, repairs and/or recovery of aircraft on the ground, repair of aircraft airframes, repair and overhaul of components, repair and overhaul of engines (KRACEn), and augmentation labor supplement for maintenance. Additionally, KRACEn will support single satellite sites, simple platform and organizational level contractor logistics support requirements involving limited aircraft quantities in support of Navy Fleet Readiness Centers.

“The entire team at MSA are thrilled to add the KRACEn contract to our business development portfolio,” said Angel Smith, President-Advanced Payloads and Deliverables for MSA. “Under the leadership of a talented management team, MSA has the proven expertise to manage large governmental contracts. Our expertise includes end-to-end C4ISR and transportation services to support the most demanding missions in the most demanding environments worldwide. We are confident in our ability to provide efficient and effective solutions to all KRACEn contract needs.”

The contracts could provide orders up to a 10-year timeframe with work expected to be completed by 2030.

MSA Mission Statement

Meta Special Aerospace designs, rebuilds, improves, operates and delivers high-reliability advanced multi-spectral airborne payloads and training to our tip of the spear forces, anywhere, anytime, at best cost.  Our focus and reason for being is to support our forward deployed forces.

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